The Patient Journey

First Visits & Treatment Plan Guidelines

The Patient Journey

What is involved in the first visit to the dentist?

We are attempting to keep your visit as contact free as possible - you will receive appointment confirmation email there is a link to the patient portlal to fill in a medical history form, a COVID screening form, and an optional oral health survey.

Whether you have been before or are attending the first time, we start by inviting patients to attend for an examination to be seen by a dentist. This involves arranging an appointment for 10-20 minutes of your time where we update your medical history and dental notes, and discuss any current issues that you may have. We then provide an examination which is free on the NHS which looks at your mouth, gums and teeth to assess if there is anything of note. Some routine x-rays may be required to help check to make sure that the teeth and surrounding bone are healthy, and we often provide a scale and polish.

From this any treatment that is required is noted and discussed with you in detail to ensure you understand what needs to be done and alternative options if available. Once you are happy, you will be provided with an itemised estimate of the recommended treatment plan, and the necessary appointments are arranged to provide the dental care.

What happens after?

Once the treatment plan has been completed, we will invite you back normally every 6 months to continue with regular examination appointments to ensure that the health of your mouth and teeth are maintained. If there are any queries or issues during this time, we would encourage you to contact us where we can assess and aim to get you back sooner if required.


COVID 19 procedures

We have changed our procedures to keep check in and out as contact free as possible. As above, please fill out your forms online if you are able to do so. 

We are limiting the number of patients in the practice, and have a reduced number or surgeries running at a reduced capacity to minimise footfall and patient to paient contact. Please do not enter the practice without an appointment - all queries will be taken by our reception team - call 01383727771.

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment to avoid elongated times in the waiting room, use the alcohol gel provided, and take a seat in the waiting room wich has been set up for social distancing. We ask that face coverings be worn in all public areas of the practice and in the surgery unless seated. We have a one way system in and our of the practice to prevent patients and staff contacting.

If you are experiencing any coronovirus symtpoms, have tested positive, or been told to self isolate, please do not enter the practice and let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule. 

We are now able to carry out all routine dental treatments at present, and are priotising urgent needs. There are different levels of PPE worn for different procedures in line with the Scottish government and NHS guidelines, as well as in depth cleaning and disinfecting protocols for both the clinical and public areas.


MIssed appointments and late notice cancellations.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to make your appointment -  this is so we can allocate your appointment to someone else. Now, more now than ever, we have a large number of patients waiting to be seen and we ask that you respect our dentist's time to be able to see their patients. We do charge for missed and late notice cancellations - £10 for checkups and £20-40 for treatment appointments dependant on length -and ask that this charge be paid before another appointment will allocated.


First Visit

We are current working through waiting list for those wishing to register as an NHS patient. Please call the practice to be placed on this waiting list

New Patients

We have built up the practice over time mainly from recommendations from our existing patient base, something we are proud of and aim to maintain. If you know of someone who wishes to be registered with a dentist, we would be honoured if you pass on our details.

We are happy to see and meet with anyone new to welcome them to the dental practice. If you wish to register with this practice, please contact us and we will make an appointment for a new patient dental check.